(A) To set up, assist, carry out research, design and, offer consultancy services to undertake process to develop viable and sustainable solutions to problems related to agriculture, forestry, environment, natural resources, water management, rural need for food, development finance, economic security and rural women empowerment programs in different parts of the country.

(B) To encourage commitment to voluntary action for the developmental role in all the stages of project cycle relating to: project planning / formulation, appraisal, implementation, evaluation, mid-term evaluation, ex-post evaluation besides building up backward-forward, vertical-horizontal linkages associated with the project(s), in the above-stated fields in different parts of the country.

(C) To develop substantial expertise in project management, the preparation of technical sector studies, techno-economic feasibility, environmental impact assessment (EIA), master plans, policy formulation, strategy development, statistical survey designs, economic & financial analysis; poverty alleviation; computerised project management (CPM) date base for management information system (MIS)..

(D) To undertake rapid rural appraisal (RRA), community participatory rural appraisal (CPRA), participatory techniques, training, capacity building of people, involving the stakeholders and support-holders and institutions through consultancy assignments in the above fields, for a host of organisations viz. Govt. of India /State Govt., Multilateral and Bilateral Funding Agencies.

(E) To encourage on farm and off farm participatory joint management activities dealing with agriculture, state forests lands, protected areas, wastelands through integration of sustainable use of natural resources, environmental activities and, development of economically viable enterprises that generates awareness among the stakeholders.

(F) To carry on research in the above areas for keeping the environment healthy, clean and offer consultancy and promote turn-key jobs in the above-cited areas, with the help other institutions especially in rural and urban areas.